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Songwriting Crash Course (2020)


Whether you’re getting ready to write a song for grad revue or writing your own show, this course is for you! Intended for students in Conservatory 4-5, Grad Revue 1-2,...

Thank You Five


Ready or not, here they are! Thank You Five celebrates making life-changing decisions, trying new things, and finally growing up in this triumphant sketch revue.

Thots & Prayers: Another DePaul + UChicago Student Standup Showcase


We’re back with more of the funniest thotties DePaul and UChicago have to offer! Ella and Julie join forces yet again to present only the holiest of standup, backed by their combined 17 years of Catholic education.

The Second City’s Temple of Geekdom: An Improvised Adventure


This hour-long choose-your-own-adventure show is a celebration of all things nerdy, geeky, and niche. Marvel, Star Wars, Dr. Who, Harry get the drift. Second City’s adventuring party of five performers allows the audience to decide which way each show will play out... and which fandom gets skewered next. For comedy nerds and regular nerds alike! This show is for geeks of all levels.

Buy Me a River


These days, everything’s a sales pitch. From life-changing bath bombs, to thigh-phobic pants, it seems the only way to escape the onslaught of sales is to hide inside - where your family is waiting to sell you on how you should become a parent ASAP. You can’t turn around without someone screaming at you to JUST. BUY. SOMETHING. This show promises not to sell you anything...after you buy your ticket.

Piper’s Alley Handshake


Piper’s Alley Handshake gives a proper introduction to some of the funniest stand-ups in the city and from across the country. Over four Fridays at the Blackout Cabaret, an amazing line-up of comics will be bringing today’s freshest punchlines, while carrying on the spirit of Piper’s Alley, considered ‘ground zero’ for Chicago’s counterculture movement of the 1960’s.

You’re On!


Three expendable employees; two diva Dj's, one irritated intern. You're On!

An Evening with Citrus


Start off your New Year with something sweet and join Citrus for an evening filled with improvisation and music! Featuring our main squeezes: Hot Soup and Aaron Intrater.

Coming to America: Not the Movie


In this solo show, Uchè (oo-Chay) Elueze (eh-luh-way-zay) shares how his entrepreneurial spirit of the “American Dream” got him sent back to Nigeria as a 14 year old, and then returned back to the states as a “Black Yogi.”

Chris & Matt: Self-Aware


Chris and Matt are back for show number six. Over the past year they've really gotten in touch with their inner selves.