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Grace Gilmore


Grace Gilmore is a Chicago-based improviser and musical comedian. They earned their BFA in Comedy Writing and Performance from Columbia College Chicago and is a graduate of the Second City...

Emily Al-Jbouri


Emily Al-Jbouri (she/her/hers) is the Production Coordinator for Toronto Stages. With a background in live action and animation production, she’s excited to now turn her attention towards live performance. Emily...

Writing Sadness Through Humor


Cry 'Til You Laugh! In this four-week course, you will learn to write about sad experiences either in your own personal life or through fiction. This class will also teach...

Intro to Comedy Writing


For over 60 years, The Second City has created comedy using improvisation as a writing tool. Actors improvise ideas in rehearsal over and over until they find a funny scene....

Chaos Menu: Disorder Up!


The world is on a tilt-a-whirl, everyday is dizzying and The Second City Toronto is serving hilarity in their 88th Mainstage Revue Chaos Menu: Disorder Up! Join our star-studded, award-winning ensemble as they navigate the confusion that is regular life. From the absurd content of pop music through the ages to the realities of virtual reality to the unpredictable adventure that is... driving a car.  Filled with the music, mischief, and mayhem that only The Second City can deliver. Because the only thing we can do is laugh. Hard. Content Warning: This production features flashing lights and loud sound effects & music.

Writing for Late Night TV 1


Learn how to write monologue jokes, desk bits, remote segments, guest pieces, sketch and a variety of segments for shows like Fallon, Kimmel, Amber Ruffin, Seth Myers, Colbert, Ellen, Noah,...

Writing 2


Writing 2 builds on the foundation for scenic comedy writing established in Writing 1 by expanding on scenic types, writing to cast and running order, and writing through collaboration. Writing...