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Patrick Wimp


Patrick Wimp is the Program Lead of the Second City Film School. Pat started as an instructor at Second City in 2020 before stepping into the Program Lead position in...

Grace Singer


Grace Singer, Heiress to the Singer Sewing empire and finalist in the Milwaukee 'Last Comic Standing' 2017 competition, was delighted to join the Second City team in 2021. Grace is...

Alec Hall


Alec Hall is not a crow, nor is he a flock of crows, often referred to as a murder, that has somehow developed sentience and shaped itself into the form...

Trapped in a Musical


Welcome to our little town. It’s a mostly ordinary town, filled with mostly ordinary people. But every so often, one of our townspeople finds themselves TRAPPED IN A MUSICAL! They never know when it’s coming, because it’s up to YOU, our audience. Every performance you’ll pick the main character, you’ll give us the plot points, the finer details, and on the spot we’ll create a 60-minute musical about this seemingly ordinary townsperson. They’ll only be as ordinary as you make them, but we guarantee you’ll laugh as we improvise songs, dances and mayhem. So welcome to our little town - stay a while.

The Faculty Lounge with Mo & Law: Episode 2


Mo Phillips-Spotts & Law Tarello are Faculty Members at the world renowned Comedic Performing Arts Training Center - The Second City. In each episode of The Faculty Lounge Podcast, they’ll...

Musical Improv Drop-in (In-Person)


Is there a song in your heart that you would love to explore? Join us for a taste of musical improv! Learn improv skills and games through a musical lens...

Missy Hamer


I *heart* data! In the HR department, my role is the People Data Specialist, which means I love to play around with data, including messing it up just so I...

Bennett Chan


Bennett Chan began with The Second City in January 2022 as a Staff Accountant. He ensures that talent and general expenses are paid on time and that financial information is...

The Faculty Lounge with Mo & Law: Episode 1


Come hang out with some of the most dedicated Comedy Faculty in the world as they share stories, teaching insights and a whole lotta laughter. Mo Phillips-Spotts & Law Tarello...

Jade R. Kelly


Jade R. Kelly (She/Her/Hers) was born and raised in Chicago and attended Northern Illinois University.  She has 5+ years of experience in Payroll/HR and loves everything about it!  Headaches and all...