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Everybody But Oliver!


Running Thursday’s 10:30pm, February 1-15 at the Blackout CabaretThis off-Broadway production reimagines the classic Lionel Bart musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist.” EVERYBODY BUT OLIVER trims the fat and...

Hate Mail


A sticky sweet look into the dark reality of avoiding confrontation. Written and performed by Alissa Skeen and Emma Chapman, directed by Shelby Quinn and Reilly Willson

Lonely Guys


For their third sketch revue, Galaxy presents ‘Lonely Guys’, an intimate look at the ones on the fringe of society. Whether you have a different view, or struggle to connect,...

Personal Space Invaders


Personal Space Invaders perform a location-inspired, high energy long form with a host of fun characters. Feautring: Alisha Denomme, Bruce Frankenberg, Hannah Murphy, Jeff Edward, Jess Bee, Kara Lee, Kelsey...

Keepin’ It Casual


Time after time, Casual Anxiety is BACK and this time we’re oversharing all of our problems about love, heartbreak, and romance. Our February sketch show will try to calm your...



A struggling actor named Jesse Esparza who finds out that his estranged father died and left him his drug cartel. Jesse must move to Mexico in order to run it,...

The Monster Show


What do Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein, and the United States in 2018 have in common? They’re both horror stories! Sketch duo Pure & Weary (Katherine Biskupic & Leah Frires) present, “The...

The Democratic Party Responds To Their Most Recent Critics


If we Democrats are so ineffective, then why are we lobbying to name the wall after Frida Kahlo?

Slapstick Comedy


Don’t fight dirty, fight funny. This class offers an environment to learn and develop skills in slapstick comedy and the creation of physical gags or “Schtick”. Using slaps, kicks, rolls,...

Kids & Teen Improv D (grades 5-8)


If you?re hungry to take on more sophisticated performance challenges and grow as an improviser, this class is for you! With a focus on the longform format that started it...