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Musical Improv: Songs and Shows!


This music ensemble class is for students who have completed the Skills and Stories! track, and are ready for an audience! This seven week performance class will focus on ensemble...

Queer Eye: The Musical Parody


Follow everybody's fave Fab Five as they help an Average Joe manifest their full potential through aggressive self-love, laugh-out-loud comedy, and more songs than you can handle, henny! Watch a live "episode" of the show we all thought we knew... until now. Written by Evan Mills and Heidi Joosten, Queer Eye: The Musical Parody features all the avocados, plenty of pompadours, and maybe even a puppet or two. Say "YASS, and" to this hilarious experience where things just keep on getting better...and funnier!

Shohana Sharmin Sicilia


Shohana Sharmin Sicilia [she/her] (Ensemble) is a Bangladeshi-born comedian, writer, and theatre artist, and now lives in Toronto with her adorable antisocial cat Ariel. Shohana is a proud Muslim queer...

Ajahnis Charley


Ajahnis Charley (Ensemble) [they/he] is a Black, non-binary comedy writer and performer, and is a current member of the Second City Touring Company. They studied improv at Bad Dog Comedy...

To Make Matters Worse


We've all heard the saying 'When you point a finger at someone, there are three fingers pointing back at you.' To Make Matters Worse is written from the perspective of those three fingers. This show explores the individual in all of us, coping with the current geo-political climate, while we mistakenly take it out on each other, in a silly, hilarious, theatrical way.

Etan Muskat


Etan Muskat is an alum of four Toronto mainstage revues and a longtime TC faculty member. Etan teaches screenwriting, animation writing, sketch comedy writing and writing for late-night TV, as...

The Faculty Lounge with Mo & Law: Episode 6


This week in The Faculty Lounge with Mo Phillips-Spotts and Law Tarello - we bump into our first WILDCARD episode. Hear the moments left on the cutting room floor from...

THE SECOND CITY e.t.c. 46th Revue


Written and Performed by: Alex Bellisle Mark Campbell Terrence Carey Laurel Krabacher Claudia Martinez Jordan Savusa Musical Director, Original Music, Sound Design: Tilliski Ramey Stage Manager, Lighting Design: Abby Beggs...



Ever heard of this show "Hamilton"? Shamilton is just like that, but (ahem) better! Expect the same level of hip hop, incredible songs, moving storytelling, stunning choreography and powerhouse singing... except made up on the spot.

The Faculty Lounge with Mo & Law: Episode 5


This week in the Faculty Lounge with Mo Phillips-Spotts and Law Tarello, we bump into virtual stand-up and improv faculty Steve Han. On this episode, we talk about equity in...