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Delia Smith


Steve Han


Steve is a proud alum of the University of Chicago, where he graduated with a Biology degree that he is not using AT ALL! He is a recipient of the...

Intro to Acting Workshop


This class is perfect for any beginner who wants to be introduced to the world of acting! You’ll learn fundamental techniques for the stage and tv/film! Take that first step...

Commitment to Accessibility


The Second City Toronto strives to make every single guest’s experience one that meets their needs with dignity, equality, and independence. We are committed to complying with both the Ontario...

Improvise a 1-Act Play Intensive


Designed for Conservatory-level students, this 2-day intensive takes listening, ensemble work, and character development to an entirely new level. Participants will explore initiations, status balance, switching between leading/supporting roles, and...

Improv for Anxiety Camp: Back to School Edition


Returning back to school on a Monday after the weekend is hard enough, let alone needing to return back to school after a full summer away. Improv for Anxiety Camp:...