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Sexy Little Backpacks


Are we there yet? Let Sexy Little Backpacks take you on a wild ride with improv and snacks* provided. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and make you...

Endless Shrimp!


A 50-minute sketch/improv show performed by all Level 5 Conservatory students. There will be sketch (duh)! There will be be improv (obviously)! There will be ROMANCE! It’s February, and love...

The Holiday Batch


Escape busy department stores, and don’t worry about wrapping those presents. Windy Batch has you covered in The Holiday Batch, a comedic revue to celebrate and satirize the season. Featuring...

A Christmas Carol: Remembered


Come get your “bah humbugs” out and watch the players from Make It Up Media reenact this classic Christmas tale — no rehearsal, no script, all fun. The play is...

Anthony LeBlanc


Anthony LeBlanc is from Beaumont, TX. He performed with Boxaganga while obtaining a Computer Science and Physics BS at Loyola University New Orleans. He Directed The Second City e.t.c.’s Soul...

We’re Basically Professional Comedians


They all started as young, wide-eyed improvisers chasing a dream. Now, four years later, they’re kinda/sorta living their dreams or at least their best lives on the best stages in...



Like putting on a comfy old Christmas sweater… that your ex-boyfriend Kyle left behind… and it’s really itchy, but you wear it all the time because f**k Kyle; I hope...

Atlas Hugged


Atlas Hugged is a sketch revue that explores themes of masculinity, nihilism, and connection. The stellar cast provides a show that is full of heart and laughs. You’ll love Atlas...

This Show Is For Sale


Get a piece of the action while the iron is hot. We analyzed the market to figure out what consumers want. Consumers want to consume, they crave commoditization in all...

Tina Fey Has Been Getting ‘Busy Tonight’


Fey will be Phillips' guest on the LIVE show this Sunday night.