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Andy Hull


Andy Hull (The Sketchersons, Bad Dog Featured Players) is as actor and writer and multiple Canadian Comedy Award nominee and winner including nods for Best Sketch Troupe (The Sketchersons) and...

Tricia Black


Tricia Black is very excited to be a part of the Second City House Company.  Tricia, originally from the east coast, studied sketch, improvisation and musical improvisation at The Second...

Patricia Tab


Patricia Tab is an improviser, over all the things. Writes fiction, non fiction and poetry. Performs comedy, postdramatic theatre and tribal fusion. Has produced jams of improvised literature and is...

Shannon Lahaie


Shannon Lahaie is an actor in Toronto and a graduate of The Second City Conservatory Program. She has written and performed sketch in multiple festivals with her CCA nominated troupe,...

Klaus Schuller


Klaus Schuller was the Producer and Executive Director of The Second City Toronto since 2005-2017. Before emigrating to Canada, he worked for The Second City in Chicago beginning in 1997...

App-solutely Not!


App-solutely Not! Swipe Left! Siri, unsubscribe! What have we become? Opposable thumbs are evolving into app-controlling claws and eye contact is a thing of the past as we maneuver through...

Dream Freaks Fall From Space


Dream Freaks Fall from Space holds a funhouse mirror up to the already bizarre times in which we’re living. The powerhouse cast delivers a show that’s surreal, musical, maniacal, and utterly...

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Sorry, Grandma


Sorry Grandma, you might want to turn off your hearing aids for this sketch review! It’s absurb, it’s ridiculous, but downright hysterical! Grandma may be mad she skipped BINGO for...