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Griffin Wenzler


GRIFFIN WENZLER is originally from Nashville, TN, but now he lives in Chicago because that is where comedy lives. He can be seen performing with Trigger Happy at the Annoyance...

Cassie Ahiers


CASSIE AHIERS (Director) is a Minnesota native who directs and performs comedy in Chicago. As a teacher, she has worked with groups of all sizes and backgrounds across the nation....

The Floating Beard – A Therapeutic Pirate Adventure


Young Charles has always wanted to be a pirate, and finally gets his chance to join the crew of The Floating Beard on a voyage to find treasure. Along the...



The Second City's original AIM screen names, in all their AOL glory.

Julia Sweeney: Older & Wider


Julia Sweeney: Older & Wider A Stand-Up Work in Progress SNL veteran and one-woman show queen Julia Sweeney makes her Second City debut in a brand new workshop production. Part...

HBTV: A Hello Brother Webseries


The improv duo Hello Brother hosts this live event featuring the world premiere screening of their long-awaited webseries “HBTV,”. Come out to the DeMaat to be the first to see...

Space: The Blackest Frontier


After the destruction of our beloved Earth, NASA has sent the last vestiges of humanity to the nearest habitable planet. Nadir Bautista, the ship’s janitor, is tasked with the maintenance...

The Sights & Sounds of Sheila’s Sister & Her Musical Cousins


Dana and Edmund O’Brien have improvised together for over 26 years. While likened to Nichols and May by the Chicago Improv Festival’s Jonathan Pitts and touted by CenterStage, “This duo...