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Juliette Strangio


Born under the southern hemisphere skies to a musician and astrologer in Melbourne, Australia, Juliette directs and produces narrative audio-visual projects, primarily fictional film. Juliette received a bachelor’s degree in...

David Quiñones


Dave Quiñones began her career in improvisation at Skidmore College, home of the National College Comedy Festival, with the Ad-Liberal Artists. After graduating with a degree in English Literature, concentrating...

Mira McCarthy


Mira McCarthy is a graduate of The Second City’s Acting Program and the acting conservatory, Acting Lab. McCarthy is currently represented by Big Mouth Talent.

We Agree 100% with the Chicago Tribune’s List of 28 Books ‘You Need to Read Now’


'The Second City: The Essentially Accurate History' is an essential new read.

Writing for Kids TV


Ever been told you think or better yet act like a child? Well maybe you should write like one too! What’s the difference between storyboard driven and script based animation...

Women of Color Improv


Focusing on Women of Color Trusting their funny from their own unique cultural perspective. Taught by Marian Yesufu



Taught by Serenity Garcia and Chris Trovador. Being mean ain’t cute. It’s 2019, put some RESPECT on your improv. What does going “too far” mean? This vital crash course will...

How to Write From Your POC POV


In this workshop, we’ll learn how to mine from our personal experiences, backgrounds, cultures, and histories to write deeply personal sketches that are true to our unique POC experiences in...

Getting Approval From Mom & Dad


Really, a workshop on finding your voice, telling your story, and checking your gut. We all still work. Some of us have families. We don’t have all the answers to...

Yes, A-CA And! How to Be Your Own MD


The biggest obstacle for music improv is finding someone to back you up. If you know how to create your own sound, it won’t be! Join LA based musical improv...