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After Hours: A Late Night Improv Show


Grab a drink and party all night with The Second City! Get loud with an incredible ensemble of performers at a wild, spicy and entirely improvised spectacle. No two shows are the same and anything can happen on this unbridled and unscripted evening of mayhem. No pre-written scripts. No safety net. No subject off limits. You’ll be talking about this for weeks! Rated R for RIDICULOUS

Jooby: Never Dying


Performed to a sold out crowd at NYCF 2023, Jooby: Never Dying is a clown variety show with live music performance and an onslaught of gags and physical performances from Julian Hernandez, Austin Cassel, Emily Wirth, & Michael San Juan. This devised show presents something between heaven and hell, something infinite and entirely bizarre. Come to witness the spectacle and leave feeling a part of it. Life is long, there are so many opportunities to laugh.

Group Therapy


Welcome to group therapy, where these messy comedians share what’s keeping them up at night. The twist? You decide their neuroses. Experience an improvised support group with fun audience participation games that will have you laughing so hard you’ll wonder if you’re crazy. New guest performances every week will show you that improv comedy is the best therapy.

Deep Dishin'


Deep Dishin’ is a piping hot variety show featuring top talent in Chicago all on one line-up. We’ll be serving up juicy, sizzling improvisation… thick, thick stand-up… slurpy musical comedy… drippy, gooey solo characters… all on a crisp, buttery sketch comedy crust… and more! Eat it up. Check out @deep_dishin on Instagram to see the weekly line-ups!

It Hurts When I Laugh


Laugh until it hurts! Three hilarious pro comedians take you on a ride. They’ve been featured at Yuk Yuks, Absolute Comedy, Jokers Comedy Club, Edmonton Comedy Festival, The Comedy Chateau Festival (LA), and more. Come out and laugh until it hurts. You will love this Toronto comedy show. - Luke Lynndale (Jokers Comedy Club) - Angela Maiorano-Thurston (Edmonton Comedy Festival) - Leny Corrado (Yuk Yuk’s Rising Stars) Comedy Nuggets is committed to providing a guaranteed good night out with a date, family (subject matter often R rated) or group of friends. If you’re looking for a good time, this is one of the best things to do this weekend in Toronto.

The Criminals Go to Prison


The Criminals Go to Prison is a completely improvised “courtroom comedy,” centered around two men who are on trial for a crime that they may or may have not committed (played by the comedy duo, "The Criminals," Jake Jones and Mikey Fried). The two act as their own defense in front of the Jury (the audience), facing off against prosecutors, several witnesses, and of course, the Judge. With high energy, drama, and complete reenactments of what occurred that fateful day, each show is sure to be the funniest trial since OJ.

It's Hard to be Hot


On the cusp between Gen-Z *eyeroll* and Millennials *sigh*, Liv and Erin explore the conundrums of your mid-twenties in this zany sketch show. Your friends in the mid-west are getting married; your friends on the east coast are sharing a bedroom with 5 other humans (and a rat); and you just want a job that offers health insurance. Cry and whine with us as we struggle with UTIs, pyramid schemes, food waste, and of course, being sooo hot.

Writing 6 Show Auditions


The Writing 6 class is holding actor auditions for their final shows. The actors will be featured in the show run for this class. Current students are invited to audition....

Date Night with the Rats


Join the Ghost Rats on a date you won't forget, as they bring their show Date Night with the Rats (Nominated for Best Comedy Show in the Chicago Reader) to the Blackout Cabaret Theater. It's the perfect time for couples, singles, groups of friends, families, and really anyone and everyone to enjoy an entertaining hour of comedy with new special guest openers every week, headlined as always by the Ghost Rats. Who knows you may also be the lucky person to go on a date with the Ghost Rats themselves. So make Fridays in May date nights!