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Kaleb Jackson


Kaleb is a Chicago-based performer, writer and director from the suburbs of Chicagoland. They received their BFA in acting from Ohio University where they performed, directed and produced many shows....

Music Improv Conservatory Level 5


This final level culminates in a run of graduation shows. Classes focus on creating and choosing material for a musical variety show.

Music Improv Conservatory Level 4


Looking ahead to the professional stage, this level focuses on excellence in game play; building simple and repeatable forms using an audience suggestion; re-improvisation and lyric writing from pitches; styles...

Music Improv Conservatory Level 3


As the ensemble understands the arc of a narrative, students will play with longer forms, and begin to build their own forms. Improvised musical theater to accomplish parody and satire...

Musical Improv Fundamentals 2


You’ve done Musical Improv Fundamentals, and you’re ready to strengthen your MI skills. This 4- week course focuses on a musical skill each week, paired with an essential scenic improv...

Eat, Pray, Bigfoot in Love


The Second City e.t.c. springs forward with a hilarious, refreshing comedy show perfect for the coming warmer weather.