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Toronto Summer at The Second City


We’re crashing into the modern world in this brand new comedy commute down the hyper-conscious highway. An all-star cast weaves in and out of the danger zone, tackling our generation’s...

Blue Period (da ba dee da ba daa)


The Blue Period is a term used to define the works produced by Pablo Picasso between 1901 and 1904, inspired by Picasso’s own emotional turmoil and financial destitution, when he...

Kawa Chameleon


Matt Kawa is about to be the father of Twins, so this is his last chance to finally do the One Man show he’s been talking about doing for the last 10+...

Family-Friendly Improv Games To Play During Those Endless Summer Road Trips


Brain-activating improv games that (hopefully) won’t drive you nuts.

Brian Oderkirk


Brian has been in the learning and development space since 1999 and loves helping customers determine the right program for their unique business needs. For the last eight years his...

Now Available On Video and DVD


Join “Now Available on Video and DVD” for the premiere and closing of a hit new film…all in one night! Every week, a film in a new genre (from Rom-Coms to...

Summer Nights


SUMMER NIGHTS Summer Nights is long-form improv made up of some of Chicago’s heavy hitters. Fast, funny, insane. Cast: Punam Patel, Mike Kosinski, Chris Witaske, Tim Stoltenberg, John Hartman and...

Love Has No Consequences


Watch some of the Second City Training Center Conservatory’s up-and-coming comedians explore true love (and everything else) in a long-form improv performance. Cast: Nickolas Daniel, Zach Hacker, Faith Pharr, Courtney...

BEEZEY featuring Lotions and Potions


BEEZEY was formed October 2017 as a Comedy Sportz house team. Their high energy, unique styles, and interaction with the audience quickly became a Sunday favorite at the theater. BEEZEY...

Chicago Diversity Week


BOB CURRY SHOWCASE June 6 • 8PM • e.t.c. theater, 1616 North Wells   GET TIX!   EVENT 2 TBD June 7 • 7:30PM • UP Comedy Club, 1616 North...