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Chris Trovador


As a Hispanic-American,  Chris Trovador noticed the comedy scene was severely lacking in diversity, which drove him into writing stories that reflected his personal experiences. In 2014, he was accepted into the prestigious Second...

Possum Blossom & Tallboy Tuesdays


Kick off your fall right with a night of improv from Possum Blossom and Tallboy Tuesdays! FEATURING: Possum Blossom: Matt Crocker, Mike Jankowski, Katarina Kokoska, Lidija Kokoska, Kerry Powell, and Andy Stewart Tallboy Tuesdays: Darren Hale,...

SKORT Presents: Cheese All That


Cheese All That melts a slice of weirdness on the ride-sharing, media-obsessed, material world in which we’re all living. From cooking show seductions to Chicago tongue twisters, this comedy comfort...

The Salutatorian


The year is 2008. Ian has been selected as the graduating class’ salutatorian – the student with the second highest class rank. Faced with delivering the second commencement address, he...

Up Next and Finger Furniture


Two musical improv groups share one stage each performing their signature forms.   Up Next will be doing their living room form mixed with an intense pimping of one another...

Wednesday Comedy Mash-Up


Hosts and Performers from Sugar Rush, Hollywood Comedy Hour, Guest Room, and CJ’s Comedy Beat. FREE NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only

Improv Drop-Ins!


Improv-based training is enriching people’s lives from theatres to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies. Get out of your shell, meet new people, challenge yourself, and have a great time...

Recently Single


Recently Single is a group of college students from all corners of the U.S. who met through the power of love, friendship, and Planet Sheen. They perform a combination of...

Dream Queen


A theatrically driven show inspired by a young, intelligent, witty, faith driven, woman who loves theatre and making a meaningful impact in the world. This original one-woman show aesthetically combines...

Trash Garden Presents: Garden Party


The Garden Party with Trash Garden is a unique and fun-filled variety show hosted by indie team and Second City Training Center graduates, Trash Garden. Combining music, video sketch, live...