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Term 1 Hollywood Student Shows – 2019


 Term 1 Hollywood Student Shows – 2019 • $5/$1 with SC ID Students from our TERM 1 Classes perform!* NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only. *ALL CLASS...



#WeToo • GRAD REVUE Sundays at 8pm thru Feb 17th • $10/$1 with SC ID Join The Movement. Starring: Carlos Butler, Eli Chance, Kristin Knox, James Leung, Tom Meyer, Miranda Soriano. Directed by...

The Maple Syrup Mafia


The Maple Syrup Mafia • GRAD REVUE Sundays at 7pm thru Feb 17th • $10/$1 with SC ID It’s about to get sticky. Starring: Gabriel Borlant, John Gearries, Victor Luo, Karly Ratzenberger,...

We Can Take a Punchline


From the CTE-riddled minds of writers Erica Green, Jonathan Allen, Elliott Hornsby, Jonathan B. Levine, Bobby Mace, and Christian Craig, and actors Brookes May, Krutika Surve, Jade Lun, Katherine Eckert,...

Cat Ring


Gift Cards We All Wish Were Actually Viable Options to Receive This Year


Because an IOU for a "free backrub" is cheap & creepy.

(Still) Generally Available


Are you generally available Friday night? Good, so are we. Come see Generally Available’s second full-length improv show! The first one was hilarious, but we’re still available…generally.  Invite your friends....

The Improv Family with Menace 2 Sobriety


Veteran improvisers exploit years of experience, connection and friendship in order to deliver their craft to an audience willing to laugh. Improv Family: Luciana Bonifazi Randy Craig Mark Czoske Kristin...

Second City Works’ Innovative Approach Featured in ‘The Washington Post’


"Comedy is an extremely effective tool if you want to talk about taboo subject matter"