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Chaos Menu: Disorder Up!


The world is on a tilt-a-whirl, everyday is dizzying and The Second City Toronto is serving hilarity in their 88th Mainstage Revue Chaos Menu: Disorder Up! Join our star-studded, award-winning ensemble as they navigate the confusion that is regular life. From the absurd content of pop music through the ages to the realities of virtual reality to the unpredictable adventure that is... driving a car.  Filled with the music, mischief, and mayhem that only The Second City can deliver. Because the only thing we can do is laugh. Hard. Content Warning: This production features flashing lights and loud sound effects & music.

Writing for Late Night TV 1


Learn how to write monologue jokes, desk bits, remote segments, guest pieces, sketch and a variety of segments for shows like Fallon, Kimmel, Amber Ruffin, Seth Myers, Colbert, Ellen, Noah,...

Writing 2


Writing 2 builds on the foundation for scenic comedy writing established in Writing 1 by expanding on scenic types, writing to cast and running order, and writing through collaboration. Writing...

Writing 1


Writing 1 is for any student who is looking to start the journey of writing to and for a Second City-style revue. This class is the foundation for scenic comedy...

Stand-Up 2


Build on the skills developed in Stand Up 1, honing your comedic voice through a variety of exercises and personal feedback. Class culminates in a final performance.

Stand-Up 1


In Stand Up 1 you will develop yourself as a solo comedic performer by writing and workshopping your own material. By understanding how earlier stand-up comics evolved, you will experiment...

Public Speaking


Do you want to become a better public speaker? Do you feel nervous, unsure or even dread when you give presentations and speeches? This class will give you the tools...

Notes! Notes! Notes!


A space for experienced improvisers to work through a high volume of improvised scenes with a focus on individual feedback and scenic exercises specifically designed to take each player’s performance...

Musical Improv Fundamentals 1


Musical Improv Fundamentals 1 is a dive into the basic concepts behind comedic song improvisation. Topics we will cover include melody building, simple song structures, rhyming, and game play, all...

Intro to Writing for TV & Film


Intro to Writing for TV & Film is for anyone who wants to learn the crucial basics of writing for film and television or anyone with a great idea of...