How Gilda Radner Led Catherine O'Hara to The Second City

By The Second City | Jan 28, 2019

"It was all Gilda as far as opening up my world to Second City. That’s where I met Eugene and Marty and Andrea, all the people I ended up working with years later. Gilda got into Second City, and I auditioned and got a job as a waitress instead."

In a recent New Yorker interview, Second City and SCTV legend Catherine O'Hara broke down her intro to comedy, how she finds the inspiration for her eccentric characters like Schitt's Creek matriarch Moira Rose, and her improv mantra: "When in doubt, play insane."

O'Hara also made a solid case for taking an improv class:

"It’s all give and take. It’s all about listening to others and contributing. Even if you didn’t want to act, improv classes are great, because they teach you about conversation."

Like we needed any more convincing.

Read the full New Yorker interview here...and get way better at the art of conversation by signing up for an improv class here.

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