(20) Days of Summer Improv For Free!

By The Second City | Jul 11, 2023

It’s summer. The weather’s warm, the vibe is good, and you’re not looking for anything serious right now. We totally get it. Neither are we. So, what we’re putting on the table is a no-strings-attached, commitment free, Drop In Improv class. We’d even make it free, if you’d be down. Need convincing?

With our drop-in classes, you can: 

  • Test the waters before committing to a full course (no pressure) 
  • Discover if improv is your cup of iced tea (or coffee, or whatever beverage you like) 
  • Learn from experienced instructors in a fun, judgment-free environment 
  • Meet new, like-minded people who share your interest in comedy 

More Than A Laugh…

Sure, improv can be about making people laugh, but it’s also so much more than that. By jumping in a free drop-in class, you’ll not only learn the art of improvisation but also benefit from some maybe unexpected perks 


Boost That Confidence

Improv is all about thinking on your feet and being spontaneous. As you become more comfortable on stage and with your classmates, you’ll naturally feel more confident in your everyday life.


Enhance Creativity

Improv is an incredible way to flex your creative muscles. The more you practice, the more innovative and imaginative your ideas will become.


Communication is a Skill

Improv is all about active listening and responding to your scene partners. These skills are crucial in everyday life and can help improve your personal and professional relationships.


Meet New Friends

According to the Harvard Journal of Science*, when you show up to participate or engage in something you’re interested in, the likelihood of meeting someone else who is also interested in that thing goes up by a whopping 75,000%.

*not a real publication  

Less Stress

3 out of 4 dermatologists agree that laughter is the best medicine. Doing improv not only helps you blow off steam but also teaches you to think on your feet and not sweat the small stuff. We have no idea what’s up with that 4th dermatologist. We aren’t gonna worry about it. (See?!) 

No Experience? No problem.

You might be thinking, “This sounds great, but I’ve never done improv before. Can I still come?” Yes! And… our free drop-in classes are perfect for beginners and seasoned improvisers alike. Our experienced yet gentle instructors will ensure that everyone feels welcome and included, regardless of their skill level.

Improv and Chill

We have air conditioning. It’s August, let’s not kid ourselves. And after your class you can hang out with your new friends and grab a cold drink at our bar! 

Bob Barker, Y’all


Drop-in classes are the perfect opportunity to explore the world of improvisation without fear. You can come when you want, learn at your own pace, and discover the joys of improv! You might make some new friends, or find your new favorite hobby, or discover a hidden talent you never knew you had! The possibilities are endless.

We can’t wait to see you, and who knows – you might just be the next big thing in comedy! (NO PRESSURE) 


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