How Gay Is Your Presidential Candidate?

By The Second City | Mar 1, 2016

If sexuality is fluid, then so is politics. Both exist on a spectrum, both evolve and change as we grow up, and both are fun in the moment—but ultimately make us feel a little ashamed.

In a perfect world, Bob the Drag Queen from the latest season of “RuPaul's Drag Race” would be elected President of the United States.


But until we reach that beautiful day, we must evaluate each candidate’s flits and specks of gaynes. After all, it’s no secret that supporting gays has become politically advantageous in the eyes of the Democratic Party, while hating gays has ironically become boner-inducing for Republicans.

Since our only lesbian candidate, Lindsay Graham, and the guy who is the physical manifestation of every single faceless Grindr profile, Jeb Bush, dropped out, let's examine the rest of the crowd.

First up: Bernie Sanders. --->

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