Trump In Space – The Musical

Trump In Space - The Musical


Trump in Space – The Musical • Fridays at 8pm • Extended thru April 27th!
Winner of the 2017 LA Fringe Festival Encore Award, Trump in Space is Star Trek meets Avenue Q meets Trump. This original parody musical is an epic space adventure filled with all the sci-fi tropes we love and all the politics we love to hate. 400 years in the future, the fallout of the Trump administration has left humans stranded in search of a new planet because due to crazy Trump shit, the earth blew up! If you’re tired of American politics, don’t worry—this will make you laugh about ‘em. Performed by Gillian Bellinger, Landon Kirksey, Scott Palmason, Jim Shipley, Nicole Pellegrino, Jessie Sherman, Mary Lou, Joy Regullano, and Rob Warner. Directed by Frank Caeti. Assistant Director, Jenna Torrisi. Written by Gillian Bellinger and Landon Kirksey. Music by Tony Gonzalez and Sam Johnides. Lyrics by Gillian Bellinger and Landon Kirksey.



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