The Second City’s Love Affair With Haters

By The Second City | Jul 3, 2018

Since The Second City opened its doors in 1959, we’ve pretty much been able to count on three things:

  1. People love to laugh.
  2. People love to drink.
  3. People love to tell you that you’re promoting Satan.

Long before social media allowed us to trade anonymous barbs with the worst of ’em, we’ve been getting hate mail. Handwritten and typewriter-typed hate mail. The kind people lovingly took the time to craft, fold, stuff into an envelope, and pay their hard-earned postage money to send us.

These letters, to us, are art.

You’ll find many of our favorites hanging outside the Mainstage. In these modern times, it’s difficult to frame a tweet, so please enjoy these photos.

Feel free to tweet us @TheSecondCity, but we’re still accepting good, old fashioned hate mail addressed to:

1616 North Wells, Chicago, IL 60614

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