Hot Flan & Pompadour

Hot Flan & Pompadour


9pm: Hot Flan & Pompadour SC Sketch Ensembles – 12/1
The Second City Sketch Ensembles are the newest crop of talent coming out of Second City that have been hand picked to crank out new sketch comedy every month.  $5/$1 with SC student ID

Hot Flan: Hot Flan: Courtney Kamen, Amie DellaValle, Marinna Benzon, Jacob Reed Espinoza, Jacob Marvin Eneberg, Charlotte Wilson Langley, Angela Getz, Robert McMillan. Directed by Carla Cackowski. Musical Direction by Darcy Kendall.

Pompadour: Jen Starr, Chevonne Hughes, Chris Lewis, Noah Bird, Neeltarni Pratap, John Bourn II, Jonathan Wiggs. Directed by Eileen Montelione. Musical Direction by Darcy Kendall.

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