Sketch Writing Level 2 (On-demand)

Building on Online Sketch Writing 1, students will continue to learn the universal comedy techniques used in mainstream media as well as focusing on satire, character development and rewriting.

Major Concepts: Short history of sketch comedy, relationship, game and blackout sketches.

Class Work Examples: 2-Person relationship sketches aren't just scenes with two random people. The purpose of a relationship sketch is to explore the dynamics, emotions, wants and needs of people who are related by blood, are in a love or friend relationship or are even in work, school, neighbor relationships.

Choose a person from your life that you know very well. You have strong feelings for this person. Those feelings could be love or hate, but they are strong! For 10 minutes write about how you relate to this person. Is it easy--like this person can read your mind or finish your sentences? Is it hard--like this person misunderstands everything you say or constantly fights with you. Explore your history. Explore your feelings. How do you talk to this person? Do they have particular catch phrases?

The purpose of this exercise is to analyze YOUR OWN relationship in order to understand that a Relationship Sketch is more than two folks just making us laugh. The purpose is to explore how they relate or don't.

Commitment: 2-2.5 hours per week (30-45 minutes for the lesson, 30-75 minutes for the assignment)

Technical Requirements: PDF-formatting software. Final Draft or any other script writing software (Celtx, Scrivener, etc.) is recommended but not required.

Recommended next level: Sketch Writing Level 3

Students of this on-demand class do not need to log in at a certain time or day (like our streaming class students do), as on-demand class content, exercises and assignments are available at your convenience with assignments due weekly. Weekly assignment due dates are unique to each on-demand class and are typically due Fridays, Saturday, or Sundays. 

Sketch Writing Level 2 (On-demand)

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