Advanced Voiceover (Online)

Advanced Voiceover is an intensive class for is for those who want to seriously pursue a career in voiceover work.


You will learn to manage multi-person reads, difficult copy, and explore narration copy. Find out crucial aspects about the business end of voiceovers and what to expect (and what is expected of you) at auditions. You’ll meet deadlines like the pro's and get a handle on what is being asked of VO talent these days.


Advanced Voiceover is for students who have completed Voiceover 101 or for those who already have a voiceover demo or experience or instructor approval.




  • Audacity (Free download for Mac and PC) or whatever Digital Audio Workstation you already use
  • Music Stand, or something to put your scripts on to free up your hands
  • USB Mic (optional but recommended)
  • A quiet space for recording
  • YouTube or Venmo Account
  • Email account

Advanced Voiceover (Online)

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