Conservatory Auditions

An audition is required for entrance into the Conservatory program. All students must have completed at least one full year of a multi-level improv training program and at least one acting class at the post-high school level. The improv training prerequisite if met at the Chicago Training Center is completion of Improv Levels A-E or equivalent, Improv Express Level 3, or Improv for Actors 2. The acting training prerequisite can be met by completing Acting 1.

Interested auditioners should first submit their training information via this submission form. The approval to audition will be confirmed by a staff member or else another program will be recommended. Auditioners who have not taken classes with us are also recommended to create a student profile when applying. Students who have completed part or all of the audition requirements at The Second City should submit the form or contact the Training Center to ensure the audition approval is placed on their student record.

Please contact the Training Center with any questions about the training prerequisites or eligibility.

Students are allowed to audition for two consecutive terms, but if not approved, they must then wait at least one term before reauditioning. Check out our Audition Guide for helpful information!

2020 Conservatory Audition Dates

  • February 7 (sign-up opens January 10)
  • April 3 (sign-up opens March 6)
  • May 29 (sign-up opens May 1)
  • July 24 (sign-up opens June 26)
  • September 25 (sign-up opens August 28)
  • November 20 (sign-up opens October 23)

Conservatory Auditions