Conservatory Auditions

Students must complete the equivalent of one year of improv training at The Second City (Improv Levels 1-5 or Improv for Actors 1&2) to audition for Conservatory. It is also recommended (but not required) that Second City students take at least one acting course before auditioning for Conservatory. Detailed audition information will be distributed to Second City students during the last level of their program (Improv 5 or IFA 2).
Students who have NOT completed the required Second City training may be considered for a Conservatory audition slot with at least one year of Improv training at an approved school AND at least one acting course post-high school. Interested auditioners who have NOT completed the required Second City training should submit their training information via this submission form. Approval to audition will be confirmed by a staff member, and an alternate program will be recommended if a Conservatory audition is not approved. Auditioners who have not taken classes with us are also recommended to create a student profile when applying to audition.

Students who are accepted into the Conservatory program are expected to begin their studies in the term directly following their audition. Deferments are not allowed. Please do not apply to audition if you are not prepared to commit to the program.

Audition registration will open two weeks before their set dates. Dates for our 2023 in-person auditions are: February 17, April 14, June 9, August 11, October 6, and December 8. Virtual auditions for online classes are also available, please inquire for details.

Please contact us at with any questions.

Conservatory Auditions

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