Music Improv Conservatory Auditions

The Musical Improv Program is for improvisers who love creating musical scenes, and are excited to use music in their comedy career. The Second City uses songs and musical improv on all of it's stages, and learning how to do it is a lot of fun! Students who complete this program will graduate with a deeper understanding of musical improv, approached in it's many forms - in game play, narrative, and written work. The aim is to create improvisers who can execute these skills on a professional stage at The Second City, or anywhere else. Students in this program can expect support, encouragement, and notes to grow by. 

LEVELS 1 - 2 

The first two levels of the music program focus on demystifying musical improv and it's many elements, and turning them into executable and performable skills! Game play, making strong vocal and musical choices, song structures and rhyming; building musical scenes with authenticity, and building group songs in a fun and supportive environment. Shows are scheduled at each level, and a retention audition is held at the end of Level 2. 

LEVELS 3 - 5 

The goal of Levels 3-5 is to give the student a professional level experience of musical improv training. Game play for the audience, styles and genres, and long form narratives will be explored with an eye toward re-improvisation and lyric writing. Each level will have a show, with Level 5 culminating in previews and a four-show run of a musical variety show. 


Auditions will be held on Saturday, December 10th from 3:30pm-6pm at The Second City Training Center in 30 minute slots. Please come dressed comfortably for movement and ready to sing! Maximum of 12 people per slot; walk-ins may be accommodated, but are not guaranteed. 

  • Prerequisites and Eligibility

    A full year of improv training at The Second City is required. We will also consider a year long program at an approved school in conjunction with one Acting class post High School.

    Interested auditioners who have NOT completed a year of training at Second City should first submit their training information via this submission form. The approval to audition will be confirmed by a staff member or else another program will be recommended. Auditioners who have not taken classes with us are also recommended to create a student profile when applying. Students who have completed the audition requirements should submit the form or contact the Training Center to ensure the audition approval.

    Music Conservatory is an 11-month time commitment. We ask all students who are accepted be prepared to commit financially and artistically, and be ready to register for the term directly following the audition. Deferments are not allowed. If you cannot commit to this, please do not audition until you are able to commit fully.

    Please contact us at with any questions about the training prerequisites or eligibility.

Music Improv Conservatory Auditions