Musical Director-Training Centre

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  • Toronto
  • Hours Hourly
  • Start Date Flexible

The Second City is looking for theatrical, jazz or band pianists with experience in, or a willingness to learn, theatrical improvisation for teaching and music directing at its Training Centre and Stages in Toronto.

Job Description: 

Music Directors at The Second City Training Centre are responsible for piano accompaniment and music creation for sketch comedy and improv shows. They also teach in our classrooms by:

1) leading workshops in music improvisation games

2) leading vocal warm-ups

3) teaching the basics of improvised song building

4) teaching lyric writing concepts and formation


Successful candidates will have: 

1) Great piano skills, with experience in playing many styles and genres.

2) Experience teaching.

3) An understanding of, or willingness to train in, comedy and comedic improvisation.

4) Comfort with songwriting and an understanding of theatrical lyric writing.

5) The ability to vocally warm up a cast and help teach them songs.

6) Readiness to up train in any skill; and the ability to take direction from senior staff throughout their time with the company.

7) Energy, positivity and a ‘yes, and’ attitude!


Additionally, we are interested in candidates who have a familiarity with or a willingness to learn fundamental elements of theatrical sound design with a sound design platform (The Second City uses QLab).


Candidates selected to advance in this process will be invited to a closed audition.


If selected for an audition, please be ready to: 

  1. Play three one-minute selections on the piano from three different styles of music. These can be fully composed pieces, piano accompaniments of songs, or played from a lead sheet.
  1. Take direction to improvise a selection of other musical styles.
  1. Improvise a song from scratch with a singer, based on a suggestion.

If hired, The Second City provides paid training both in-person and online, and onboarding over several weeks that includes watching classes, learning curriculums, and being trained and observed by senior staff. Paid training is provided at $25/hour. Once on the schedule, Music Directors are paid at a rate of $50/hour for workshops. Additional rates apply for different responsibilities and skills.

Scheduling is done on a seven-week term turn around. Class and show assignments are based on the number of classes running, and the availability of individual teachers. Amount of work is not guaranteed but is also flexible for those who balance other responsibilities.


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