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Outcasts in Space & Toffifay
Outcasts in Space & Toffifay

About The Show

10:30PM: Outcasts in Space & Toffifay • Studio Theatre • $10

Outcasts in Space: As A.I. realizes its full potential, humans forget how to connect, guarding their emotions and body parts.

Toffifay: Imagine if improv was marinated with schmaltz, hot sauce, chili-‘n-lime, and cardamom? It would taste strange or be full of FLAVOR! Toffifay is a diverse, all-female troupe with dynamic performers hailing from various facets of entertainment and comprised of Tranee Peevy, Pretty Bhamidi, Alex Fleder, Sarah Kamran, and Noelle Miller.

NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only