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Femmebot PHD & Las 3 Comrades
Femmebot PHD & Las 3 Comrades

About The Show

5PM: Femmebot PHD & Las 3 Comrades • Studio Theatre • $10

Femmebot PHD: Femmebot PhD is touted as a female Kids in the Hall for millennials. This sketch group is all about dynamic video elements, big characters, witty intellect mixed with poop humor, and just a dollop of feminism. Featuring Jessica Amal, Julia Bartlett, Kandice Martellaro, Andra Moldav, Kate Rappoport, and Nicky Urban!

Las 3 Comrades: We are 3 Latina improvisers from Mexico and Honduras with the mission of bringing improv comedy to the Spanish speaking community of California and increasing Latinx representation in comedy. For us improv is play and being in the moment and short-form is our specialty.

NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only