Tiddy Presents: Boob Tube

Tiddy Presents: Boob Tube

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Come on in! Make yourself at home, and turn on the boob tube! Relax at our apartment and enjoy a host of fun characters, hot new music, incredible dances, original digital shorts and so much more! We’ve got the entertainment, snacks, and kombucha! You just bring your sweet self! Plop that lil butt down and enjoy!

Written and performed by: Hannah Fitz and Lili McLaughlin

Art by: Curtis Kimberlin

Camera/Editing: Charlie Vanderklipp

Set Design: Laura Guadagnino

Director: Liz Joynt Sandberg

Artistic Director: David Jude Green

SCOBY Sponsor: Tapaut Kombucha

$13 Standard
$11 College Student (w/ valid I.D.)
$7 Training Center Student

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