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Promedy: An Improvised Prom!
Promedy: An Improvised Prom!

About The Show

Miss the golden days of awkward teenage romance? Do you long for a fancy night indoors with a goofy DJ and absurd chaperones? Do you just like to laugh? Look no further as Out On A Whim presents Promedy: An Improvised Prom! with guest teams as our Prom Dates and suggestions from you, the audience, to help pick songs; you'll get to laugh, sing along, and vote for Prom Royalty. Fridays at 10pm in the Blackout Theater from August 3rd through the 24th.

Rotating Cast Featuring:
Joe Johnson
Katie Ruppert
Kelsey Fehlberg
Mike Begrowicz
Michael Coyne
Natalie Marye
Lauren Kincaid
Tony Masse
John Doychich
Rebecca Shrom
McKenzie Wilkes
Anna Johnson
Billy Ferguson

Artwork by: Rebecca Shrom

$13 Standard
$11 College Student
$7 Training Center Student