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How to Succeed in Education…Despite the Testing!
How to Succeed in Education…Despite the Testing!

About The Show

Welcome to Education in the fast-paced, technology-obsessed, head-spinning 21st Century! "How to Succeed..." is Wavelength's answer to the daily pressures and distractions that leave teachers exhausted and in desperate need of a good laugh. This show includes many improvisations,as well as customized comedic themes important in schools today. Educators and teachers will leave this performance with a renewed sense of appreciation, inspiration and motivation to charge into the new school year with gusto!

Director: Stephanie McCullough

Writers: Michael E. Myers & Michael S Jordan

Music Director: Stuart Mott & Stephanie McCullough

Cast: Max Hinders, Ric Walker, Lexi Alioto, Laura Marsh, Tina Gluschenko and Michael Myers

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$8 Student Ticket

$5 Training Center Student Ticket