Lesley Powers

TV, Film & Digital

Lesley Powers got her start in hosting 12 years ago in Los Angeles, CA. She spent seven years hosting red carpets, doing one-on-one interviews, and traveling to NYC and Austin, TX to host webisodes. In 2012 she moved to Nashville, TN to get a taste of life in the South. It’s there that she decided to start teaching others how to be a host. She has been teaching at Second City, Chicago and all around the Midwest/Southeast since 2013. She loves sharing her knowledge with up and coming hosts and hopes to make a real difference in their careers. Powers has an eye for talent and she likes giving each student individualized attention. Lesley is also a filmmaker and enjoys helping her students make their own reels. She is now back in Los Angeles with her husband and their dog, Daisy. Lesley was recently selected to host for AfterBuzz TV and she continues to teach and make films. For more updates on Lesley, follow her on Instagram @lmpowers15.