Professional Development

The Second City Training Center has been bolstering business professionals from the very beginning. Our concepts in ensemble building can be applied to the boardroom as much as they can to a stage. These courses are designed for individuals and small groups. If your company would like to engage in corporate training, Second City Works can provide what you need.


These classes will be delivered Online unless otherwise specified.

Professional Workshops

Improv for Business Drop-in (Online)

What’s that all about? You’ve run your business successfully for years. You went to business school and they didn’t mention Improv once. You’ve seen improv comedy and you don’t see how it would help your business. There’s nothing very funny about running a business these days.

  1. You have to know…

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RewireU: Public Speaking

Bring your best self to your next work presentation or wedding toast! Using targeted improv exercises, this course will help you become more comfortable and confident with public speaking. Focus areas will include how to read the room, adjusting to change in the moment, extemporaneous vs. prepared speech, and wowing…

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