TV, Film & Digital

Our TV, Film & Digital Program courses focuses on DIY or guerilla-style filmmaking with an emphasis on creating short comedic video content. The course curriculum includes pitching video ideas, scripting and on-location coaching. Basic cameras, lighting equipment and editing software will be provided by The Second City. In some courses students are encouraged to use their phones as well.


These classes will be delivered Online unless otherwise specified.

Online Classes

Teen Acting On Camera Level 1 (Online)

Breaking into the On-Camera World

Learn how to get agents, producers and casting directors blowing up your inbox to audition and then NAILING your takes with The Second City Training Center. Find out what’s important about great headshots, resumes, actor reels and online casting services while delivering commercial copy in mock…

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Teen Writing a Screenplay 1 (Online)

A sellable screenplay = quit your day job. This class will help you create characters, understand structure & learn to pitch. You’ll end this course with an outline of your [awesome] screenplay idea as well as the start of your script….

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Teen Writing for TV & Film (Online)

In Online Writing for TV & Film students familiar with the Second City model of comedy writing will explore visual writing, story structure and character in preparation for creating longer works for TV and film. The class will read existing scripts, view film and television selections, and write and workshop…

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Teen Harold Ramis Film School Online: Adaptation

Teen comedies rock! Especially ones adapted from well-known and unknown classic tales in the free Public Domain. Whether it’s Sydney White (Snow White adaptation), 10 Things I Hate About You (The Taming of the Shrew adaptation) or Clueless…

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Teen Harold Ramis Film School Online: Directing Comedy for Film & Video

This is a teen version of the adult class. Through weekly exercises, analysis of online clips, and virtual class discussions this course teaches you how to tap your own creativity, get the most out of a group of people while keeping your perspective, and how to work with…

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Teen Harold Ramis Film School Online: Comedy Filmmaking 1

Funny shorts are everywhere from SNL to the internet.  Learn the basics of making comedy sketches and short movies including camera, editing, and sound.  Students will write, direct, and produce their own humorous videos using the methods employed by Second City for years such as ensemble, collaboration, and…

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Teen Harold Ramis Film School Online: How TV Changed the World

This class will explore the TV shows that changed the face of comedy.  We’ll study the unique and innovative programs that influenced culture and media. We’ll watch and discuss TV shows and performers like I Love Lucy, Monty Python, All That, Simpsons, SNL, Key and Peele, and everything…

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Teen Writing Your Web Series (Online)

Writing Your Web Series gives you the tools to help your web series succeed. Lecture and suggested reading will include character development, format, structure, and the business side and current landscape for web writing. You will outline your idea, write episodes and workshop them, hearing them read and getting live…

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On-Camera Acting Techniques (ages 13-18)

On-Camera Acting Techniques is for teens who want to get into the business of acting in commercials, TV, and film. Acting on film is very different from acting on stage. This class will provide you with a solid foundation for on-screen acting. Also, it is no secret that commercial and…

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Coaching and Virtual Showcase (ages 13-18)

Our Coaching and Virtual Showcase is a two-day workshop is designed for the advanced teen actor who is looking to gain more opportunities and work professionally on camera. This is a great opportunity for students to get coaching and instruction before recording their performance. It will also allow them to…

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Making the Improvised Movie (ages 12-16)

In Making the Improvised Movie, you get a chance to do one of the most fun and unique classroom assignments we offer in the filmmaker program at The Harold Ramis Film School – the improvised movie! You will learn the improv basics like creating from abundance,…

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