Chicago Show Proposals

The Second City invites current students and graduates of the Training Center to submit proposals to produce shows in the Second City's Studio Theaters. Shows may be scripted or improvised. The person submitting the proposal should have a significant role in the production such as actor, director, writer or producer.

On your proposal, apply not only for dates that work for your cast and crew’s schedules, but also for time slots appropriate to the show. See below for further specifics.

Proposals generally will be accepted every three months. Updated information about available slots and proposal deadlines will be posted here and emailed to students.

Things to Keep In Mind When Submitting a Show Proposal:

  • Clarity / detailed completion of proposal – Make sure that you have a clear vision for what your show will be and have thought through the entire concept.
  • Appropriate fit to requested time slot(s) – Have in mind both the type of content you’re creating as well as the type of audience you’d like to attract. Traditionally, 7:00 or 7:30 time slots are more ideal for family fare, while a 10:00 or 10:30 slot would be better fit for more edgy or experimental material. Time slots and run lengths will vary based on availability.
  • Experience – Have you put up productions at other places? What other training or performance experience do you and/or your ensemble members have?
  • Flexibility – Specific preferences are appreciated, but please also indicate if your show’s length can vary or if you are available or interested for any time slots outside your primary choices.
  • Enthusiasm & Marketing Strategy – We want to see that you’re excited about the work you’re presenting and that you have a detailed and aggressive plan for how you’re going to get butts in seats.

We are now accepting submissions for June - July 2020. Please submit the proposal form below.


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