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Mina Kolb

Quick Facts

Member of The Second City’s original 1959 cast

Performed with The Second City in London during the early 1960s

Played Terri’s mother on Three’s Company

Mina Kolb

Mina Kolb was already a minor local celebrity when she was hired for the very first Second City company along with Second City co-founder Howard Alk, Roger Bowen, Severn DardenAndrew DuncanBarbara HarrisEugene Troobnick, and pianist William Allaudin Mathieu. She and local legend Ray Rayner had had a five-year run on a local TV show called Rayner Shine— she and Rayner lip-synced live to records while teenagers danced. Kolb had never improvised before Second City.

In 1961, Kolb moved to Los Angeles to appear on the CBS sitcom Pete and Gladys. She went on to enjoy long career in entertainment, most recently appearing in Jeff Garlin‘s film I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With, as well as Christopher Guest’s A Mighty Wind.

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