Opening Night: The Improvised Musical

Opening Night: The Improvised Musical


Fridays @ 9:30pm
Opening Night: The Improvised Musical!®
Voted Best of LA – LA Weekly
Extended thru Dec 14!

OPENING NIGHT: THE IMPROVISED MUSICAL!® is exactly that – a Broadway-style musical that is made up on the spot, based on a single audience suggestion. Therefore, every night is the ‘Opening Night’ of a musical that has never been seen! Sadly, it is also the closing night, but closing night sounds so very final — and not even this cast can withstand the damage done by weekly wrap parties. Since 1998, Opening Night’s cast of veteran improvisers has combined Chicago and Los Angeles improv with the Broadway stylings of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Gilbert & Sullivan, and Andrew Lloyd Webber, resulting in over one thousand original musicals! 

Hilary Rowe
Matt Young
Norm Thoeming
Shulie Cowen
Mark McConville

Director • Shulie Cowen
Musical Director • Michael Pollock
Stage Manager • Bentley Hibbard
Producers • Joshua Funk, Carrie-ann Pishnak


NOTE: Located on the 2nd floor with stair access only




Voted Best of LA – All Singing, All Dancing, All Made Up on the Spot

“You’ll Laugh Every Time”  “A Comedy Machine”

            Michael Konik         

“A kind of magic”  “This is mastery of the craft. This is talent in action.”

IN Magazine

“An incomparable piece of insanity”

       Los Angeles Magazine  

“You provide the subject: they score and choreograph it on the spot!”

              OIL AND MARBLE            

“Love musicals or hate ’em, you’ll never see them the same way after this show”

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