Remembering John Candy 25 Years Later

By The Second City | Mar 4, 2019

25 years ago, we lost a legend.

John Candy’s generosity of spirit and immense talent is still felt in the work we do every day at The Second City, and we send our love to his incredible family and his millions of fans--all of whom he'd call friends.

CBC's The Strombo Show also paid tribute to our friend John last night, with more of our Second City family sharing their memories:
“You lose people in your life, but John is someone that you expect to walk through the door in the next ten minutes. He was very similar in his energy and his kindness to how he came across in the screen. I think that people know that, and that is why they loved him so much and his legacy has lasted so long because of his innate authenticity… it was just so easy with John, because you’re just working with someone who is so remarkable. It brought your game up. It’s like tennis." --Martin Short
Andrew Alexander: “John’s funeral procession left the church here in Los Angeles at sunset... An amazing event happened. The police, on their own accord, closed the highway. Anybody that knows Los Angeles traffic knows that is a huge event. That never happens. The police--out of their respect and love for John--did this. It was a wonderful gesture. It reminds me of how much John was loved and how much I miss him." --Andrew Alexander

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