13 Ways Improvisers Are Saving Our Precious Planet

By Cassie Barradas | Apr 18, 2018

By being an improviser, you are basically saving the world. So get out there…and save the dang planet!

1. No script means no paper waste.

2. You can always recycle those amazing characters, like Lucius “The Cup” Cobblestone or Captain Pennyforth.

3. Blackouts are a ridiculously easy way to save energy.

4. The most reused line in all of improv? “Johnson, get in here.” Re-use it in good health, because you certainly already have.

5. Good improvisers don’t throw out any offers, so nothing is garbage.

6. It is a known fact that most improvisors do not have cars, thereby cutting down on fuel emissions.

7. New performers are “green,” which is the most environmentally friendly colour.

8. Nearly all improvisers wear jeans, which are universally known to be the most long lasting pant.

9. No one likes being in a transaction scene, so improvisers definitely encourage reduced spending on material goods.

10. A lot of people think of improv as their “baby,” so we’re basically preventing overpopulation.

11. Improvisers do environment work on and off stage.

12. Committing to your choices, supporting your teammates, saying “yes” and building off of one another are all things that can be recycled into many other areas of your life, from getting through another awkward family dinner to working on a project at your tech start-up.

13. Finally, improvisers take care of their teammates, especially when a joke isn’t landing. Now think of the planet as your scene partner and…wait for it…go save it!!!


Cassie Barradas (@datbarradas) is a faculty member at The Second City Training Centre in Toronto.

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