Stand Up Comedy

Stand Up Comedy

The world of comedy includes multiple forms, from improv to scripted, stand-up comedy to sketch comedy. At the heart of these practices is the ability to make someone laugh. A well-placed joke or a spontaneous line can have the audience in stitches, which is something we teach, to a certain degree, at The Second City. Though one needs to have a small amount of natural talent, our training center provides one with a specific skill set, perfect for any form of comedy, including stand-up comedy.

The Second City & Comedy

For many, the word “comedy” cannot be fully explained without talking about the influence The Second City has had on this art form. Many alumni have gone on to have successful careers in sitcoms, sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, and more. From starting out as a small comedy theater in Chicago, The Second City has grown to become one of the most influential theaters and training centers in comedy. There are three separate stages at our Chicago location, including the UP Comedy Club. This club features our best stand up comedy so you can get a great laugh in an unscripted environment.

UP Comedy Club

At The Second City, the Mainstage Theater and e.t.c. Theater focuses more on improv shows and other revues. If you are looking to enjoy stand up comedy at The Second City, check out UP Comedy Club. While there are many improv shows here as well, stand up comedians will perform, too. Located in Old Town, we are a short drive or El ride away from a night full of laughter, courtesy of an improv show, stand up comedy, or another show chalk-full of hilarious comedians. Who knows? You may get to watch a budding young stand-up comic who will go on to do great things in the comedy world.

Stand-up comedy is often what people think of when they consider going to a comedy show or watching it on TV. This is the traditional method of comedy where performers come up with their own acts and perform it for their audiences. This type of comedy can be extremely relatable and provide entertainment to attendees. At The Second City, we are proud to continue the tradition of stand up comedy right in the heart of Chicago. We strive to offer a vast selection of comedy options so everyone can find the perfect show to best meet their needs.

Take Classes at The Second City

Looking for a new experience? Join the world of comedy with classes at The Second City! Even if you do not want to become a famous comedian, these courses can help with everything from self-confidence to learning how to be more outgoing and spontaneous. However, if you have considered stand up comedy, The Second City may be the perfect start! Though the classes are based on the art of improvisation, the skillset you will learn will help you become more entertaining, think on your feet, be more confident in front of your audience, and more. Stand up comedy is about more than simply reciting scripted jokes in front of a crowd. You need a certain charisma and the right delivery if you want your audience to really laugh. While some of it is based on talent, we can help you hone that talent into something that will easily make people laugh.

Stand Up in Chicago

Anyone living in Chicago can tell you that the stand-up comedy scene is huge. Honing the craft of stand-up comedy is rather difficult; fortunately, by living in Chicago, you have access to The Second City. Our training center can help you bring out skills you didn’t even know you had! If you are just looking to see some great comedy, check out UP Comedy Club. We regularly host up-and-coming comedians, as well as more established comedians, so you can find someone whose style matches your sense of humor and makes you laugh. We are also dedicated to helping budding comedians develop their skills so they can be more successful. Take a look at our shows and plan your visit today!









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