House Co. presents LITTLE WINS

House Co. presents LITTLE WINS

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MILK the artists formerly known as HouseCO PRESENT…


It is easy to spiral in 2019. Humanity is at odds and in crisis at every turn. Now more than ever is the time for us to appreciate the tiniest of our victories. Second City’s House Company brings you a night of sketch comedy that will help you find the humour and gratitude in life’s every day little wins.

Featuring: Ryan Sheedy, Shane McLean, Tom Hearn, Sarah Ormandy, Hannah Spear, Nkasi Ogbonnah, Andrea Marston, and Liz Johnston

Directed by: Paul Bates

Tickets: $8/$5 for Second City Training Centre Students from May 10 – 24 & $12/$8 for May 31

PS: Why, yes, the JCB has a liquor license, so that we may all drink responsibly.


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