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Everything is Great Again
Everything is Great Again

About The Show

Trump is in the White House; Farage, Le Pen and O'Leary are on the rise; and it seems our leaders can't even correctly spell what they're thinking. Are we reaching the era of peak a$$hole?  We're still trying to figure that out... but we know laughing helps. Our superstar cast has created a deliriously funny revue to help you forget the world is in imminent danger of ending... for at least two hours.

Everything is Great Again is created and performed by Brandon Hackett, Devon Hyland, Lindsay Mullan, Colin Munch, Paloma Nuñez, and Ann Pornel. Directed by Kerry Griffin, with musical direction and accompaniment from Lee Cohen.


Big laughs in a relaxed atmosphere. Every night, we’ve got the best  young comedic actors in the country on stage, creating hilarious new characters, surprising audiences with their improvisational skill, and making sure that everyone in the audience has a major laugh out loud moment.

Every Tuesday to Sunday Night

TICKETS starting at $26.
Student prices available.
Group discounts available for parties of 15+.  Contact


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Critics' Reviews

Everything Is Great Again keeps it real and funny 

Karen Fricker 
Toronto Star 

With its latest sketch revue, the Second City troupe makes light of a dark situation: The rise of angry populism, the fashion of outlandish leaders and, probably, the end of the world. You can resist and you can laugh – these two things should never be mutually exclusive, as the Mercer Street satirists thankfully keep reminding us. 

Brad Wheeler 
The Globe & Mail 

Sketches that will make you laugh out loud. And we mean actually laugh out loud, not the passive-aggressive, “LOL” kind of laugh out loud.  

Comedy Network 

The Cast & Production