Disco Horses: A Sketch Revue

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Sketch Comedy
A sketch is a short, fully scripted comedy scene. Maybe you call it a “skit” (but we never do). Chicago is the home of modern sketch comedy, and The Second City is at the center of it all.

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Disco Horses: A Sketch Revue Showtimes | June 2024
June 2024

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About the Show

“Disco Horses: A Sketch Revue” is the latest revue from comedy duo Disco Horses (Joe Harrington and Eric Greenbaum). The show is an hour of absurd, high-concept, honest, and silly sketches that bring you to a world of what if (including a diaper wearing cult, existentialist fart jokes, and just lightbulbs). With a slightly more grounded sensibility, the boys are able to weave in surrealist and absurd concepts, while also bringing in an emotional side as well. Over the past year, Joe and Eric have written sketches through a mixture of improv-to-sketch and script-to-stage throughout festivals and shows in NYC and Chicago. In this most recent revue, Joe and Eric have been emphasizing variety in sketch (music, movement pieces, form-breaking, and much more).

A few audience reviews from their last shows have been: ‘Absurdist sketch comedy at it’s peak!’ ‘The smartest dumb comedy you’ll ever see!’ ‘If you have the chance to catch a show, then you must do everything in your power to make it happen!’

This show is slated for a month-long run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August at theSpaceUK.


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