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wolfgang stein

wolfgang stein

Wolfgang Stein is an actor, writer and director hailing from Wisconsin. He is a faculty member at The Second City Training Center and at The Annoyance Theatre. He also works in the art department of The Second City as a graphic designer. He teaches Youth and Teen in improv and acting. He has directed a Script to Stage class for teens of three one acts by David Ives. He has written and performed in We Are Small Towns at the Second City Training Center. His Annoyance credits include Fire & Beer: Annoyance House Ensemble, Oprah! A Comedy!, Lady Balls, Reality Recap Reunion, The Wolfgang Stein Show, and several Triple Features. He co-wrote and directed Lady Mechanics: The Musical. He is an ensemble member at Laugh Out Loud. He enjoys playing with Jack & The Wolf, his two-man group with Jack Thurston Farrell and they produce The Bucket Show once a month. He has completed the Improv Conservatory and the Music Program at The Second City Training Center. He has also trained at iO, The Annoyance, Green Room Studio, and Blackbox Acting Studio.

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