Lindsay Mullan


Lindsay Mullan is an actress, improvisor, and instructor who got her start in improvisation at the Loose Moose Theatre Company in Calgary (2006). For 5 years Lindsay performed and taught improv throughout Alberta. During this time she also earned her Theatre Arts Diploma at Mount Royal University. Lindsay began working with The Second City when she joined the National Touring Company in January of 2014. Since then she has performed in the holiday musical Naughty Listers and toured across Canada performing some of the company’s most beloved classic sketches. In addition to this, she recently took the stage in a production of Rebecca Northan’s hit show Blind Date. Lindsay is the co-creator and star of the critically-acclaimed fringe festival smash, Truth or Dare. She is also one half of the Toronto-based improv duo, The Cheeky Chappies. In Toronto, Lindsay performs regularly with the Bad Dog Theatre Company in shows such as Theatresports. You can find out more about Lindsay’s upcoming projects at