Holly Wortell

Holly Wortell, actress, producer, director and Emmy nominated writer, Ms. Wortell started her career at Chicago’s renowned Second City Theater, writing and performing for seven years.  She served as a writer/producer on Warner Brothers/NBC talk show, “The Bonnie Hunt Show” for which she was Emmy nominated.  Holly also served as actress, producer and editor on the ABC/Worldwide Pants sit-com “Bonnie.”  Holly has many film credits, and has starred in three network primetime series, including ABC’s critically acclaimed “Life With Bonnie.”  She can be seen in HBO’s, Entourage,” and  “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and has been in numerous television and radio commercial campaigns.  Ms. Wortell is currently on the faculty at The Second City, Los Angeles, also teaches at SC in Chicago and is on the faculty of The Harold Ramis Film School in Chicago.