Fran Adams

Fran Adams

Alumna of The Second City, Chicago Mainstage:

  • Old Wine in New Bottles [35th Anniversary] (1994)
  • Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been Mellow? (1994)
  • Take Me Out to the Balkans (1993)
  • Truth, Justice, or the American Way (1992)
  • Economy of Errors (1991)

Alumna of The Second City e.t.c.:

  • We Made a Mesopotamia, Now You Clean It Up (1991)
  • Northwest By North Wells (1990)

Alumna of The Second City Northwest:

  • Warsaw Pact in its Own Juices (1990)
  • Baked Alaska or This Oil Tastes Like Fish (1989)
  • Rosebud was the Sled or Sunday in the Industrial Park with George (1989)
  • Pieces of ’88 or Life in the Exact Change Lane (1988)