Elaine Hammel

Elaine Hammel is a graduate of Butler University in Indianapolis, IN.  It was at Butler where she learned and developed her love for improvisation.  She has performed at The Second City and iO in Chicago and Los Angeles, and has traveled the country performing at various improv festivals with additional groups.  It was at Second City Chicago where Elaine met her husband Simon when he offered to give her a ride to the train station in downtown at 10pm.  Ladies, don’t ever get in a car with a stranger.   However, it was because of this irresponsible decision that she met and married Simon. And after moving across the country, they collaborated in their best project yet, their son, Owen.   Elaine has been with The Really Awesome Improv Show since its 1yr birthday and still loves taking the stage each and every time with this wonderful company.  Here’s to always being able to play and have fun in whatever form your stage takes!  Instagram @elainehammel