Billy Bungeroth

Billy Bungeroth (1981-2011) was an independent contractor proud to be employed by Alison Riley and The Second City. In 2007 he received his degree in Sketch Comedy Directing from Oxford University. His credits include The Caucasian Chalk Circle Jerk at the Don Van Vliet Memorial Center and The Chicago Lyric Opera’s production of Rites Of Spring Part 2—The White Album as performed in its entirety by Black Flag. He was the author of 15 books of poetry and one novel, Less than 40 Of The Absolute Best Friggin’ Wolves in their Natural Habitat published by Little Brown. He would have liked to thank his loving wife and muse Zora Neale Hurston for her constant support. This show is dedicated to Joyce and Mary and anyone who was ever left feeling dissatisfied and incomplete. And did something about it.