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Eddie Meneses

Eddie Meneses

One day, saddled with dump trucks full of student loan debt and wondering what to do with his two music degrees, Eddie went to a friend’s improv show. He decided that improv would prove to be a great distraction from financial responsibilities and registered for a class. He has since forgotten that he owes anything to anyone. Sorry Sallie Mae/Satan. 


In his life as a musician, Eddie is the Principal Percussionist of the Santa Barbara Symphony and has performed with such groups and artists as the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Cirque du Soleil, John Williams, Danny Elfman, Randy Newman, Journey and many others. 


He is currently taking classes at UCB and is a recent graduate of Second City Hollywood, where he is also a member of the sketch team, Penningsworth. In this capacity, Eddie only writes about ‘real shit’ like baking cookies and making sweet love. Eddie is actually so real he is willing to admit that he has never written about either of those things.


Eddie lives in a one-bedroom apartment with his wife, Diana, and two cats who have mastered the art of human mind control. 

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