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David Carmon

David Carmon

From the cobblestone streets of Brooklyn to the suburban jungle of Atlanta, David teetered between the east coast life of a New Yorker and the Southern way of a Georgian. He dodged his way from rotary luncheons, tobacco, and Lawn & Tennis associations, all while “keeping it real”. But most of all, he kicked his habit and said “Goodbye Teva sandals, Dockers’ khaki shorts, and sweet tea!” So… David left and got schooled Ann Arbor style at the University of Michigan. He majored in economics with a minor in Spanish and musical theatre. He only got beat up once… and that was for not pointing his foot. Somewhere in between his triumphant struggle to coexist as an east coast southerner, he danced. And he danced and danced, kicking his leg so high he decided to make it a profession. Finally he put his leg down and soon enough his foot followed. He became a graduate of the conservatory and musical program at Second City as well as graduating from Acme’s Long form program. David continues to teach at Second City and AMDA, and performs as often as the world needs a B flat. Don’t be alarmed if you see his smile clutter some of your favorite shows and commercials, it’s just a smile.

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