Laurel Legler

Vice President, People

Laurel Legler, SHRM-SCP, PHR joins The Second City as VP, People. A multi-faceted human resources executive, she has worked in various positions at the Chicago Reader, law firms, financial companies, media organizations, start-ups, and in film production. Her titles and roles have included Coordinator, Generalist, Manager, Producer, Director, VP, Senior VP, and Interim HR Executive.

She is also chairperson for the board of directors for a community-based behavioral health and crisis response organization that provides services for mental health, trauma, substance use disorders, and other behavioral health needs in historically underserved communities and neighborhoods. She is also a member of the advisory board for a third-party workplace investigation agency that is engaged in assisting clients to create meaningful change in how systemic problems of institutional harassment and discrimination are handled in order to manifest real, sustainable change in the workplace.

Laurel approaches her work with a focus on fostering relationships and nurturing inclusive, progressive, and empowering workplace environments. She is committed to elevating The Second City’s culture by elevating the experiences of its people.