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Cameron Algie

Cameron Algie

I took my first improv class at Second City because my therapist told me to. I didn’t want to because it sounded scary and I hated the idea and I never went to that therapist again. But I did it. And it helped me be okay with making mistakes and having more fun. As I gained experience and confidence (and became obsessed), I took all the classes and workshops I could, studying with some of the best from around the world (mostly North America), graduating Second City Conservatory, and touring and performing with the illustrious improv troupe, S&P. Eventually I quit advertising (got fired) and starting teaching the Improv for Anxiety program, and Longform and other classes. I’m excited to be giving back to the community that saved my life, and giving people a safe space to try improv who might otherwise never have tried it – no matter what their therapists say.

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