Online Programs FAQ

Online Classes
The Second City Training Center offers a variety of online classes, including classes with weekly streaming options, others that are *on-demand and others that are a hybrid. You can take classes anywhere in the world and only a computer is needed. Check out some of our frequently asked questions about online classes below. 

I signed up for an online class! What next?

Congrats and thanks for joining our community! We will email you the day your class starts with a link to your online class. Drop-in students will receive invites 1-hour before classes stream, weekly streaming classes will receive Canvas class links 12-hours before the class streams and *on-demand courses will receive Canvas invite links at the time the class is scheduled to start (please know you don’t have to be online at the time the on-demand class “begins”, as you can peruse content on your own time with weekly assignment deadlines).  

How are classes structured?

Drop-in Classes: After receiving a Google Hangouts Meet link an hour before class, students can join the streaming session up to ten minutes prior to the class, which will begin on time and stream for the duration of the course. Students will work with teachers and other students in real-time.

Weekly Streaming Classes: After receiving a Canvas LMS invite from ‘Second City Online” at least 12 hours prior to the classes first streaming session, students can create a Canvas Profile and access the unique Google Hangouts Meet link on the specific classes Canvas homepage. That Google Hangouts Meet link will access the live streaming session at the day/time of class.

On-Demand Classes: After receiving a Canvas LMS invite from ‘Second City Online” at the time the class is set to ‘begin, students can create a Canvas profile and begin reading class content from the Week One modules. Each week, students will receive a teacher lecture on weekly topics complemented with videos, scripts, links to helpful sites and more. Students will be assigned writing exercises and weekly assignments to submit to the teacher and/or discussion boards. Most of our classes ask that students read and comment on fellow students’ work as well, following specific feedback parameters.

What kind of technical requirements are needed for Second City online classes?

Drop-in and Weekly Streaming students will need access to Google Hangouts Meet, a decent wifi connection and  a phone, laptop, tablet or similar device that allows the camera and microphone to to share to the streamed meeting.

On-Demand and Weekly Streaming students with access to Canvas will potentially also have access to many types of Second City media (script archives, video clips, recorded teacher lectures, etc.)  Students should have computers that allow for the perusal of these types of files.

Here’s a link to Second City Online Students Technical Requirements and Tips Guide that can answer most tech-related questions and challenges.

If you have a technical question about a specific class that is not answered at the Tech Guide or on your Canvas class info page, email

What if I get behind on assignments?

Don’t freak out! Let your teacher know what’s going on and when you plan on submitting assignments. Your teacher will do their best to work something out with you, if possible. The class does still end on the posted end date and access to the class will be discontinued at that time.

I LOVED the class and want to continue but don’t know what’s best.

Email or give us a call. We can discuss your experience and goals and help find the best fit for you.

I have another question.

We’d love to help. Email with any additional questions you have.

*More on On-Demand Classes:

Students of on-demand classes  do not need to log in at a certain time or day for streaming sessions, as content, exercises and assignments are on-demand. 

On-demand  and weekly streaming  students will be able to create an online student profile via Canvas after being invited to the Canvas LMS course. If you do not receive your email with login information at least an hour before your class starts, please check your spam and promotions folders. Still nothing? Contact the Online Virtual Support Team at with any issues.