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Acting 1

Whether you’re interesed in acting or improvisation, we know that one of the keys to success is being present, connected, and grounded in the emotional reality of the moment. In a Second City mainstage revue, the comedy doesn’t just come from the written scenes, the jokes & the premises… the truly deep audience laughs that people remember for years come from great performances.
In our first level, we’ll help you immerse yourself in improv exercises designed to broaden your emotional range. You’ll discover how emotionally committing to a scene can help engage the audience, leading to truly memorable performances.
We’ll also explore recognizable human behavior, an essential asset for comedic actors, and start working with neutral scenes that can help you explore the dramatic side of comedy. We’ll touch on the work of Viola Spolin and Sanford Meisner as we explore established techniques in this level.
Our curriculum focuses on improvisation to help you master these skills, and we recommend students take at least one 7-week improv course before joining this class to get the most out of the experience. At the end of this level, you will be prepared to do a cold read at a mock audition using what you have learned.
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Good for: Acting

Writing 2

Writing 2 builds on the foundation for scenic comedy writing established in Writing 1 by expanding on scenic types, writing to cast and running order, and writing through collaboration. Writing 2 focuses on the construction of a sketch comedy revue running order. Students who understand the structure of a show are able to better write to the needs of a show and its cast.Writing 2 provides students with understanding of the different types of scenes found in a Second City-style sketch comedy revue. The lens of the course is focused on the Cast and the Characters. Understanding scenic formulas, writing to cast size, and character point-of-view. Students practice creating simple structures with relatable characters as they learn the building blocks of a sketch revue.Students in Writing 2 develop variety in their comedic scene creation by watching and analyzing a Second City-style revue and work on in-class exercises to write towards the need of a Second City running order. Students also work with one another to develop scenes as collaboration is a cornerstone of the Second City creation process.
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Good for: Writing

Improv 1

Improv 1 introduces students to the fundamental concept of “Yes, And” in improvisation. Through group exercises and games, students will explore impulse & spontaneity, listening, being present in the moment, taking risks, finding agreement (making & accepting offers) and other basic building blocks of improvisation, all in a supportive environment that embraces the idea of trusting yourself and failing joyfully.
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Good for: Improv


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