Happy Thanksgiving from The Second City

By Liz Kozak | Nov 27, 2013

What is The Second City family most thankful for this year?

“I am thankful for Spanx. At Thanksgiving… and year-round. You could call me Spanxful.” –Julie Marchiano, Training Center HouseCo Ensemble Member

“I’m thankful to work where you’re pretty much guaranteed at least one good laugh a day – if not more.” –Robin Hammond, Director of Marketing

“Being loved.”  -Bob Knuth, Art Director

“I’m most thankful for my daughter’s laugh (and that she doesn’t have my nose).” –Nate DuFort,  Producer, Theatricals & Producing Director, Touring Companies

“I’m grateful that I get to celebrate both Canadian Thanksgiving and American Thanksgiving – twice the cranberries! For those who don’t know, Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and celebrates the fact that we have better beer and free health care.” –Klaus Schuller, Producer & Executive Director, The Second City Canada

“Cheese on bagels, houseplants that cannot be killed, unlimited blankets & bad voiceover artists.” Kristina Felske, SCN Contributor

“I am thankful for one of my closest friends surviving a stroke in April and then brain surgery this month. Puts things in perspective.” –Alanda Coon, Executive Assistant

“I am thankful for the people I know, the places I’ve been and Baladoche– the best damn Belgian waffle place in this city or anywhere else.” –Alan Linic, HouseCo Alum & Conservatory Graduate

“I’m thankful for bits, particularly ones that have gone on for a year or more.” –Chrissy Borne, BizCo Account Coordinator

“I’m very thankful for those three people that come to that show when I’m trying new material. It’s nice to know that my stupid bit is slightly amusing to someone else. You three make the comedy world a better place.” –Aasia LaShay Bullock, Urban Twist Ensemble Member

“I’m most thankful for God. Loving, always there for you, loyal, Man’s best friend, loves playing with all the other Gods at the Godpark. Yup, I’m thankful for my God.” –Scott Morehead, Touring Company Ensemble Member

“I’m thankful that I don’t have children, but when my friends (who are having kids on the reg) tell me that they are with child, I no longer have a panic attack on their behalf and quickly think, ‘Oh crap, what are you going to do!?’ Instead, I am genuinely happy and say, ‘Congratulations!’” –Jocelyn Geboy, Box Office

“I am most thankful for paid time off.” Carrie Weisberg, Adult Program Coordinator at Second City Hollywood

“I’m thankful for my Chicago family. My life here prevents me from going home a lot during the holidays, so when I receive 83.920,273 invites to Orphan Thanksgivings, I get just as mushy as the mashed potatoes I eat… and it’s beautiful. And my body…I’m thankful I can retain a lot of food and still look fabulous.” –Rich Alfonso, Training Center Alum

pastedGraphic.pdf”I am thankful that Michael Bay continues to make Hollywood blockbusters. Life would not go on without a sequel to Armageddon where Ben Affleck goes back searching for Bruce Willis’s body in space.” –Matt Walsh, Box Office

“I am thankful for my friends, family and all of the wonderful people I’ve met and life-changing events that have happened to me this year, including being offered my dream job here at Second City!” –Kiley Peters, Online Marketing Manager

“My folks have a deep fryer.”  –Aaron Sjoholm, TC Chicago Operations Manager & Teacher

“I am thankful for having a girlfriend through the cold months. Electric blankets are too expensive, and I can’t spill beer on them. Also, I am thankful for cat videos. Not because they are so darn cute, but because they bring people together oooing and ahhing over a single computer screen. Meow.” –Andrew Thorp, Training Center Marketing and Promotions Manager

“The Marine Corps.” –Tyler Alexander, VP of Digital Media

“I’m extremely grateful to work for a company that believes in quality healthcare; also, mucho grateful for peanut butter!” –Carrie-ann Pishnak, Marketing Manager, SC Hollywood

“Most thankfully someone invented the CTA Bus Tracker app so we can all avoid the forever-wait for that never-coming bus while being slushied by traffic and freezing your nose off on a blustery February day. Those days were the worst.” –Holly Lewis, Manager

“You know after a tragedy or awful event when everything is heavy? And then somebody does a bit? And it’s too early? But it somehow makes it okay for other people to do bits? I am thankful for those brave, inappropriate heroes in our comedy family.” –Andrew Eninger, Head of the Training Center Writing Program

“What I’m most thankful for is my family and that it has extended to The Second City. All of my coworkers have become a second family to me: beautiful, inspiring people that have encouraged me to go for the things I love to do, and even the bratty ones are just like siblings! We take care of each other at work and outside of it, and sometimes just seeing them can make a crummy day amazing.” –Dee Scott, Host/Cook

“I am thankful that Michigan’s football season is almost over. Because I cannot take much more of this.” –Daniel Strauss, TourCo Alum and Mainstage understudy/2007 Michigan grad

“I’m most thankful for my warm bed at night.” –Nancy Fast, Student Services Coordinator

“I am most thankful for my family, both genetic and comedic.” –Natalie Shipman, Touring Company Alum & SCN Contributor

“The two most important ladies in my life: North West and Jessica Lange.” –Liz Kozak, SCN Editor-in-Chief

“I’m thankful that the next-gen gaming consoles are out and I don’t own any of them. Now that I’m in my 30s, being behind a generation in technology just feels right.” –Tim Ryder, Touring Company Alum & SCN Contributor

“I am truly thankful for this job! The Second City has made my professional life so much sweeter! For the first time in my life, I enjoy coming to work and truly appreciate all these amazing people I am surrounded by. So, I am thankful for all of you.” –Andrea Miller, Group Events and Catering Manager

“I’m grateful that a certain Tallapoosa County bail bondsman keeps hiring such inept bounty hunters.” –Edmund O’Brien, Training Center Faculty

“I am thankful for otters and eccentrics.”  –Claire Meyer, Training Center HouseCo Ensemble Member

“Good family, loving friends, a good job of work at the Harvard of Improv and Ventra, the easy new way to pay for transit.” –Rob Gornik, Box Office

“I am most thankful for the support of my friends and family. It’s just so reassuring to have a group of people who will encourage me to keep moving forward even when I feel completely lost.” –Dan DeSalva, SCN Contributor

“Two words: Michael Fassbender.” –Ellen Williams, Student Services Rep.

“I am thankful for the creative minds, geniuses and teachers that make up The Second City– from Rachael Mason and Joe Janes to so many others– who have helped me break out from my introverted self to become the social, extroverted performer and individual that I am today. Had I not found Second City, I would still be that shy, socially awkward kid from the north suburbs. I’m so blessed that Second City and improvisation has changed my life, and I’m fortunate to be a part of a wonderful, passionate, loving and caring family.” –Joe Kovach, Student/Host

“Here’s what I’m thankful for: Spanx”  –Ashley Schulter, Inside Sales Rep.

Happy Thanksgiving! If you want to spread some thankfulness around, join us at the e.t.c. stage December 17th-18th for The Second City That Never Sleeps: 24 Hour, an improv & music marathon to benefit families from Chicago’s Onward Neighborhood House and Letters to Santa.


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